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To Do:

1.) Download and Read Participant information packet and Signature Page. 

2.) Print and Complete Signature Page.

3.) Complete the Registration Form.


* Please do not use an email address from a school system. Our emails are frequently blocked as spam.

* We will always email parent and student emails. We ask for different emails for a backup, in case of an error.

*Please make sure the signature is handwritten, not typed.

Registration Information

Information needed to complete registration form:

Page 1

  • Participant Full Name

  • Participant Mailing Address

  • Participant Date of Birth

  • Participant email address – not a school email address

  • Full name of Parent/Guarding approving participation

  • Parent email address - different from participant email.

  • Participant School Name & Location

  • Current Grade Level, GPA, & Class Rank (if applicable).

  • T-shirt size

Page 2

  • Unit/Post Number Endorsing Participant

  • Auxiliary Junior Member Status and Unit (if applicable)

  • Program Requirement Acknowledgements

Page 3

  • Upload Packet Acknowledgement Signature Page

  • Medical Form Information

Page 4

  • Student Interest Questions

When you have all of the information listed above, please click the red box below that says "Registration Link" to complete your registration.

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