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Before Session Information

Please refer to this page for items needing to be completed before arriving at ALA Tar Heel Girls State!

Required Information to submit by June 1

Medical Form: 

- Please download and complete the medical form.

Upload the medical form using this link.

Veteran Honor Button: 

- Find a photo of a Veteran you would like to honor at ALA THGS. 

Fill out the honor button form. 

Bill Submission: 

- Email or share your bill with:

Helpful Tips to make the most of your Girls State Experience:

Information Packet (Includes Packing List)

- Please review this information before attending an orientation session!

Running for Office Overview:

- Office Descriptions and Procedures

Bill Submission Information:

- Bill Writing Template:

  • Select File

  • Make a Copy

  • Rename Bill & click 'make a copy' button

  • When you finish writing your bill, click the "share" button in the upper right corner and share it with

  • You may also email it directly.

- Bill Writing Presentation:

  • ​See video below.


- Girls State Bill Example 1

- Girls State Bill Example 2

- NC Bill Example

Parliamentary Procedure & Robert's Rules of Order

Orientation Information

You are required to attend one virtual orientation session, however, you may attend multiple if you have further questions.

Each session will last about 45 minutes.

**Please do not wait until the last orientation session if you are able to attend others!**

Parents are encouraged to attend!

When logging in, please change your name to your first and last name so we can record your attendance.

Please be in a place where you are able to have your camera on, and with minimal distractions.

Orientation Dates:

Tuesday, May 28 at 7pm
These will become clickable Zoom Links prior to the meeting.

Samsung Scholarship:

One ALA THGS citizen will receive a $1250 scholarship!

If you are eligible, begin requesting your Proof of Service Documentation.

Scholarship is due June 9 by midnight. 

PLEASE have this completed before arriving on campus. 

- More information can be found here.​​

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